Building communities with NFTs

A major benefit of web3 is that organizations and projects are built from the ground up through communities.

One of the best ways to build a community is by using NFTs. This is because NFTs provide unique online identifiers for logos or any visual representation of a community's identity. And because NFTs are digital, they can be customized in numerous ways to reflect community growth and the benefits of being a member.

Here's are the many ways that NFTs can be used to create and grow communities:

Expression. Whether an NFT comes in the form of a limited edition logo or a series of works of art, NFTs provide a way for any organization to express its values and goals with a work that can be uniquely identified. The on-chain NFT building that ICME is making available provides the most secure approach to ensuring that an organization's NFTs stay easily accessible.

Onboarding and Qualifying Members. NFTs can be used to give new members a sense of immediate and genuine belonging. NFTs can also reward members that join by helping a community achieve its goals, such as by contributing to an artistic, investment, or humanitarian project.

Member Participation. The best communities are active. NFTs provide a wide variety of ways to provide benefits to members for  being active, such as a occupying an important role, recruiting new members, staying active on message boards, or winning a competition. Because NFTs are unique, they can be tailored to reflect unique contributions.

Branding. NFTs can be transferred, traded, and displayed in a wide variety of online platforms so communities can build their brand to prospective members and the world at large. Community members can build awareness for their communities by displaying NFT images in a profile picture, a 3D gallery, or in a video game.

Inviting Collaboration. Simple NFTs can be used as building blocks for members to use in their own unique, imaginative projects. For example, an organization's NFT logos or case studies can be used by members to generate new NFTs, such as new onboarding swag or animated stories that incorporate the original logo or case studies.

Enabling groups to build thriving communities with customizable NFTs is a core mission of ICME. Click here to get started.

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